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Quat Props training seminar takes you through the basics of "Functional Juggling". What it means to juggle and new ways of thinking that enable greater accessibility and quality of education. A mixture of theory and applicable play. Focused around use of the Juggle Board; however, guided in a way that opens up application to many more activities of endless possible formations. 

Availability depends on where Craig Quat or Lapo Botteri are in the world, but you can send an email to find out.

FREE Online Seminar: Click Here

Over 10 years of collaborative development went into the creation and preparation period of this 10.5 hour teacher training seminar. Now available to everyone for completely FREE!!! Checkout the phenomena that everyone is talking about and learn how you can start making juggling, circus, and society more inclusive today. Optional consultations services are also available in combination with the course. Check out the link below for more details. 

Private Consultation Info: Click Here

In combination with publication of the free online book about functional juggling and public access to our entire recorded seminar on Youtube, Craig Quat is now available to provide private consultation services to individual students and/or localised teams of teachers.

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